Class information

- All classes are 90 minutes
- Beginners are welcome in ALL classes
- Reservations not necessary
- Do not use shampoo, perfums and sprays in the school 
- Be on time (come 15 minutes early before your first class)
- Lockers available
- Classes are taught in Dutch and English. 
- Payments preferably by PIN
- Introduction week can start any day of the year, first class mat and towel included. 

- Come with an open mind and a positive attitude
- Drink plenty of water throughout the day
- Do not eat anything at least two hours prior to class
- Bring your own towel for shower

Clothing Bikram Yoga
- Wear something in which you can easily move and sweat
- Women wear shorts/leggings and a top/sports bra
- Men wear (swim) shorts, a T-shirt is optional
- No long or baggy pants (knees visible)

Clothing Yin Yoga: 
- Women wear shorts/ leggings and tank top or t-shirt
- Men wear shorts or jogging pants, T-shirt or long sleeved shirt