The Core class consists of pranayama, asanas and therapeutic exercises from the Ghosh College in Calcutta, India.

Bishnu Ghosh is the founder of the Ghosh College in 1923. Since that day many people have been treated and up to this day people come to the college to be cured from their ailments. Bishnu Ghosh is the youngest brother of the famous Paramhansa Yogananda who wrote the Autobiography of a Yogi. Muktamala Mitra is now leading the Ghosh College and Bishnu Ghosh's granddaughter. 

The Core class is suitable for everyone with an open and power mind. Also for introduction week students.

In the class you will be working on strengthening legs, butt, back, belly, arms and shoulders. 

Duration: 60 minutes in a heated room.

Core class is every Friday at 17:45.