Robert Stange is co-owner of Bikram Yoga Arnhem. After 14 years of full time working as a physiotherapist and remedial Cesar therapist, he decided to focus completely on teaching yoga classes in 2012.

In 2004 Robert took his first Bikram Yoga class in Amsterdam. He became very passionate about practicing Bikram Yoga soon. He participated in several Dutch Asana Yoga championships, reaching third place twice. 

In 2008 Robert finished the 500 hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco, Mexico. After graduating Robert started to teach at Bikram Yoga Amsterdam and in later years also at Bikram Yoga Utrecht. He combined teaching with his work as a physiotherapist.  

Yoga has become an indispensable part of his life. Yoga brings him balance. Robert experiences by practicing yoga an opening of his body, broadening of his awarenesseen and connection with his heart.

To teach the power of yoga and being part of the effects of the yoga practice on his students is for Robert something very beautiful and special. He wants to make people happy. To reconnect them to their innerself and experience growth and a better understanding of their body and mind. Robert makes use of his medical and broad yoga knowledge to make yoga accesible to as many people as possible. 

In 2015 Robert took the 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam. The training was headed by Johan Noorloos and Jose de Groot.

Robert teaches besides Bikram Yoga also the Yin Yoga and Ghosh Yoga classes.  




Elwin Mulder started to pracitice Bikram Yoga in Amsterdam in 2004. First once a week as a good cross training for his basketball practice. But soon Elwin started to notice the benefits of the Bikram Yogaserie. His busy job in the media with lots of deadlines and demanding responsibilities caused quite some tension and stress. After a couple of Bikram Yoga classes Elwin noticed that he was more relaxed in his head and body, but even more importantly he was able to deal way better with the hectic working conditons in the mediaworld. 

In the cause of the years Elwin has tried many different yoga styles with a lot of enthusiasm, but the positive health effects on body and mind he experiences the most with the Bikram Yoga serie. After some time he wanted to share his passion for yoga. In 2010 he went to the 500 hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego, United States. Elwin started teaching at Bikram Yoga Amsterdam and Bikram Yoga Utrecht, before moving to Arnhem. In Arnhem he co-started the first Bikram Yoga school in Gelderland. Elwin sees daily the positive effects of the therapeutic Bikram-Ghosh yogaserie on the students of Bikram Yoga Arnhem. It makes teaching this serie very beautiful and precious.

Besides Bikram Yoga, Elwin also teaches Yin Yoga and Ghosh Yoga. He went tot the Yin Yoga training in 2015 in Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Yogaschool. The 200 hour Yin training was headed by Johan Noorloos, Skadi van Paaschen en Alison Melvin. 

Ghosh Yoga Therapy
In the early spring of 2018 Elwin went to the Ghosh Yoga College in Kolkata, India to take the Ghosh Yoga Therapy Training. Muktamala Mitra is head of the Ghosh Yoga College and leads the training. She is the granddaughter of Bishnu Ghosh. The training is based on the therapeutic yoga therapy as taught from 1923 at the Ghosh Yoga College. By taking part in the training a big dream of Elwin was fulfilled. Going back to the roots of where Bishnu Ghosh started offering therapeutic yoga asanas and exercises. In later years, Bishnu together with Bikram Choudhury put together a series, what has since then become known as Bikram Yoga.

Up to this day the original therapeutic asanas and exercises are offered to the citizens of Kolkata. 



Petra Hofs took her first Bikram Yoga class in 2007. In that period of her life the hot and challenging classes proved to be a very beneficial addittion, as cross training, to her cycling career. Becoming aware of breathing is for her one of the most important lessons from yoga. Especially when you are having a tough time during a training or a match, but when the going gets tough, you can always rely on your breath. In the time after her cycling career, the yoga became a new challenge and a new passion. It gave her a lot of fulfillment, physically and mentally. 

By exploring the possibilities and limitations of her body in the Bikram Yoga classes she learned a lot about herself. The yoga brought her foucs, concentration and clearity. In 2013 Petra went to the 500 hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angels, United States. In her classes Petra invites students to explore their own possibilities and let go of what no longer serves you.




When Nalini was young she trained as a traditional Indian classical dancer. This activated her body-consciousness. So fitness training didn’t appeal to her anymore. Then one day, she walked passed the Bikram Yoga school in Arnhem and decided to enroll for a class. Nalini walked in apprehensive, and after a very bodily intensive class, she felt strangely calm and energized. Wow! What an experience.

That was the start of her yoga journey and as days, months and years passed yoga became a part of her llife together with her love for food, passion for music and Indian classical dance. In 2014 Nalini participated in the Dutch Yoga Asana Championship. The first time she performed her yoga skills for an audience. That was Nalini's turning point.

For Nalini, life is about sharing knowledge and experiences. She wanted to share her experience of yoga. In the spring of 2015, Nalini attended the 500 hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. Ever since returning from Teacher Training Nalini has been teaching with a lot of energy at Bikram Yoga Arnhem.

Nalini loves to share her yoga journey with you, and by doing that she becomes part of your yoga journey. She is looking forward to seeing you in one of her classes. Nalini will be away from October 2019 until late 2020.



Heidi Wesseling teaches Yin Yoga since the spring of 2017 at Bikram Yoga Arnhem. Besides a Yin Yoga teacher she is also an orthomolocular therapist and naturopath. 

Since 2008 Heidi has lead and supervised detox weeks in health resort De Schouw, in the Netherlands. With her experience she also plays an important part in the annual Detox and Yoga weekend at BYA.  

The 200 hr Yin Yoga Training Heidi took was lead by Jose de Groot. An authority in the field of Yin Yoga in The Netherlands. 



In 2007 Annelies took her first Bikram Yoga class in Johannesburg, South Africa. it was love at first sight. She started to practice very often. After 2 years she decided to go to the United States for the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. In 2009  Annelies finished her  500 uur Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas, United States. 

After her Teacher Training Annelies taught in Johannesburg and also 7 months at Bikram Yoga Utrecht in The Netherlands. By the end of 2010 Annelies moved back to South Africa. She has been teaching in various schools in Johannesburg and Capetown until March 2019. 

Now she is back in The Netherlands and since April 1, she is teaching in Arnhem. Take her class and meet Annelies.