Why YSA?

Why Yoga School Arnhem? in February 2020 we have changed our name from Bikram Yoga Arnhem to Yoga School Arnhem. We keep offering the same classes as we have always done, with the same team.

The name name is to show that we are in no particular way connected to the man Bikram Choudhury. We have never had any financial relations with Bikram Choudhury nor with his company or any other company. Our school has never been part of a franchise. We also have never paid any money to carry the name Bikram Yoga.  

In our Yoga School we teach in the tradition of the Ghosh Yoga College, Kolkata India. Our full name is hence Yoga School Arnhem - Ghosh Tradition. We believe in the therapeutic hatha yoga series consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This series is known as Bikram Yoga, the original hot yoga, 26+2. We will keep using the name Bikram Yoga for the yoga we love and teach. 

In our Yoga School we also teach Ghosh Yoga (for more advanced students), Yin Yoga, Core and Meditation Classes.